preserving and
promoting Iran’s rich heritage.


Lady Homayoun Renwick, a dear friend, long-time supporter and one of our first Trustees (1992-93) passed away on 5th July in London.

Iran is acknowledged as the originator of the first universal charter on human rights and it represents one of the cornerstones of our heritage.

We are deeply saddened by the ongoing conflict in our homeland. We respect human rights of all people and understand the impact felt in Iran and across the world at the devastating events unfolding in Iran at this time.

We will, as we always have, continue to support our global Iranian community and nurture the heritage of our country as well as the importance of women within our culture.

Please note that, until further notice, the Grants programme has been suspended.

For the past 30 years, the Iran Heritage Foundation has proudly supported Iranian
culture, history and language, so both the Iranian community & the whole world can
be enriched by them.

Iran is one of the oldest civilisations in the world, and it has a priceless wealth of knowledge, philosophies, science,
art, traditions and skills gained over 5000 years. And it’s still evolving today.

The IHF’s partnerships, initiatives, events and contributions have deepened the world’s understanding and
appreciation of Iran’s remarkable heritage.

We believe the wonder, beauty and lessons held within Iranian traditions are a uniquely relevant gift for everyone
to enjoy. That’s why we welcome you to experience them with us, ready to share with our thriving community
and to pass on to the next generation.

We are a non-political, non-religious UK registered Charity, and the funding we receive provide gives
vital support to education and events, so our vibrant culture can be lived and experienced by this
generation, and many generations to come.

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Sorry, we have no events planned at the moment.
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Due to the ongoing circumstances in our homeland, we will not be hosting a gala dinner to mark Norouz this spring. In the wake of a global pandemic that distanced us and following ongoing events in Iran, coming together to honour the beginning of another year would be the natural thing to do. In such times of uncertainty and loss, however, a celebration of this kind does not feel appropriate.
Spring is the season of rebirth – a time when nature awakens from its deep slumber. Lighter and warmer days embrace us once again and remind us that the darker days are coming to an end. A period of hope emerges as the heat fuels us back into action, ready to forge new beginnings.

In this new season we hope that our homeland sees better and brighter days and that each and every one of us can live dignified lives.

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Preserving and promoting
5000 years of rich history.


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