We exist to celebrate, preserve and promote Iran’s expansive heritage.

For the past 30 years, the Iran Heritage Foundation has ensured Iran’s vibrant culture, history and language are wide-reaching and relevant on the Global stage. Your essential support allows us to continue showcasing and supporting the richness of Iranian heritage.

We are a non-political, non-religious UK registered Charity, and the funding we provide gives vital support to education and events, so our unique culture can be lived and experienced by this generation and many generations to come.

How & why we do it

Iran's Language, History and Culture

The IHF is committed to mobilising resources, supporting programmes, providing grants and engaging Institutions, Artists and Scholars dedicated to the understanding, preservation and promotion of Iranian culture and heritage.

Iran is one of the oldest civilisations in the world, but we believe that history should not be confined to a page or to a cabinet. It should be sung, recited and retold, as well as practiced, shared and enjoyed, so we can each feel inspired and humbled by our own place in this long-standing tradition.

Through the exhibitions we organise and sponsor, such as the sell-out Epic Iran Exhibition in partnership with the V&A Museum, we delve into the magic of Iran’s past. Through vibrant storytelling and unexpected insights we reveal the depth, intricacy and beauty of Persian heritage and culture.

We also support the study of Persian History by providing grants for projects that preserve and protect our past. We are proud to have awarded fellowships and internships at some of the world’s most prestigious Universities and Museums, to the most promising students. Our academic events shine new light on our heritage, by bringing together some of the brightest minds to enlighten our audiences.


Culture is the living and breathing form of heritage, enlivened through ceremony, tradition, art, cinema, food, music, dancing and craftsmanship.

The true nature of Iran’s people is deeply warm, generous and open hearted, and through our inspiring events we invite you to experience the many textures of our traditions: the sights, sounds, smells and tastes.

This may be through an exhibition of photography which captures the qualities of our unique peoples and places, such as our show with Emily Garthwaite. Or it might be a display of vibrant Iranian art, from emerging painters and sculptors, or a poetry night which reimagines the legendary words of Rumi and Hafez. Our Quarterly Supper Clubs will bring people together over delicious Iranian food, because there is no better way to connect than sharing a meal around a table. Our annual Norouz Gala is one of London’s most unforgettable evenings, and we are looking forward to hosting it once more in 2023.


Language is the gateway to our culture. Unlike many other ancient languages, Persian manuscripts from over 1000 years ago can be easily read and understood today, so we can appreciate the treasures they contain.

Language is how we unlock the door to our past, and it’s how we come together in the present. That’s why we are so dedicated to preserving it; ensuring it is taught, learned, spoken and shared..

Our Values


We invite everyone to experience the richness of
Iran’s heritage, with open arms and an open spirit.


We care for our heritage and elevate its impact by linking our expansive past to the present and the future.


We honour our heritage by celebrating it actively and joyfully.


We create opportunities to involve and cultivate our community, to experience Iran’s heritage together.


We preserve and share our heritage in accessible new ways, to ensure that it remains relevant for future generations.


We understand heritage as an ever-evolving phenomenon and carry this dynamic spirit into everything that we do.