Please address all enquiries and send completed form to‍.
  1. IHF’s support and logo must be acknowledged clearly in all printed and web-based material relating to the event/project. This includes but is not limited to: flyers, advertisements, programmes, movie credits, conference proceedings, web pages, etc. The wording will depend on the type of contribution provided [in association, partners, supported by, etc.].
  2. IHF’s support must be acknowledged verbally in any events benefiting from its sponsorship. This acknowledgement must be repeated whenever the audience changes. For example, if a film is being shown for three nights to three different audiences, IHF’s support must be acknowledged on all three nights. However, if a conference occurs over three days with broadly the same attendees, then IHF’s support should be acknowledged at the start and finish of the conference.
  3. Any podcasts, videocasts, or other recorded sound and/or video from the events being sponsored shall be made available, with all relevant rights, to IHF for dissemination through its website (either directly or through a link to the event’s website) and for use in IHF’s promotional materials. IHF promises in return to credit the provider of the film and the organiser of the event in any subsequent use. A reciprocal link would be provided by us to them.
  4. All projects must submit an end of project report.
  5. Failure to meet the above conditions will result in IHF’s withdrawal from sponsorship and void the agreement between the parties.
  6. Priority will be given to first-time applicants.
  7. Conditions for grant application:
    • The IHF does not pay University tuition fees or PhD write-up.
    • It is the responsibility of the applicant, not the referee, to ensure that IHF receives the application and references by the deadline – no exceptions.
    • All references must be sent directly from the email address of the referees.
    • Referees cannot be part of the project for which support is requested and should not be beneficiary of the grant.  They should furthermore not be member of the same institution.
  8. Payments
    • IHF will pay only grantees and not another person designated by them.
    • Grantees must have a bank account in the UK.
  9. Grants awarded but not taken up will become void after one year.
  10. Procedure to be followed by applicants for a book prize or an enabling prize:
    • It is the responsibility of each applicant for the book prize on Iranian studies to send five copies of the book to the IHF’s Academic Committee. Please contact for the address to which books should be sent. The books should arrive by 15 August 2024. The book will need to have been published between 1 January and 31 July 2024.
    • Applicants for the enabling prize for a nearly finished book on Iranian studies should send five copies of a summary of their book proposal, including a detailed list of the proposed contents and an indication of the costs involved, to‍ by 15 August 2024.  The summary should not exceed 2,000 words.

You can download a copy of this document here.

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Last updated February 2024